Puppy Policies
Puppy Policies
For the price of a Make Way For Doodles Standard,
Backcross Doodle puppy please contact Kathryn.
I am now accepting deposits for Standard, Mini and
Backcross doodle puppies. I require a non-refundable
deposit of $500 for you to be placed on the waiting list for
a puppy. Deposits are non-refundable and will be applied to
the price of your puppy.
Getting on the List-
Once I have received your non-refundable deposit, your
name will be added to the bottom of the list.  Please keep
in mind that most litters consist of between
six and eight puppies.
Since I have no control over the number of puppies in a
litter or the timing of the litters, I ask you to be patient. I
will contact you as your name nears the top of the list and
you can feel free to check in with me at any time.
Visiting Make Way For Doodles -
I don’t allow visitors to my home because of a very serious
and contagious disease called Parvo.  I have never had a
problem with this disease personally but have known it to
wipe out entire litters.  This devastating disease can be
spread by unsuspecting people who visit multiple breeders
or kennels in one day.  I feel in this case it is better to be
safe than sorry.
References -
I have many happy doodle owners who are willing to
provide references for me.  Also, I am listed on the
New England Doodle Association Website at godoodles.org
Just look under the Discussion Boards.
Lifetime Assistance -
I believe that each puppy is unique and wonderful but also
a huge responsibility.  I offer my support and assistance to
all of my puppies for their entire life.  If at any time during
its life, one of my puppies/dogs needs to be rehomed, I will
work to find that dog or puppy the appropriate home.  
Please do not ever take one of my babies to a shelter.
Great Training Resource -
Fetch Dog Training -
Martha Francis is a renown trainer of over 300 doodles
in the greater Boston region.
Fiona born at Kathryn's to Dandy and Denver June 24, 2004