Meet The Family

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Kathryn and her Crew

Meet the Family

Dandy Doodle!  

As in the picture above,What can I say!   Her  first litter of Goldendoodle puppies enchanted us all.  She is a happy, healthy loving pet, mother and "family member" here.  Her photo from the album was taken at a puppy picnic as she watched owners choose her children for their families!  What better place to oversee than on top of a hot tub! Poodle Smarts!



The beautiful golden retriever, Lady May!  Her wonderful temperament shines forth for all to see!  She is also very, sweet, gentle, obedient and affectionate, especially if there is a ball around and she wants to play!  Her favorite trick is to retrieve, lie down at your feet and roll over on her back for a tummy scratch before giving you the ball!  She also loves Puppy Picnics and having her picture taken with families!


Wonder! Star! and Scarlett!

 Both goldens also, Wonder and Star look identical to Maisie and love to retrieve.  They are both holiday babies and named after the "Star of Wonder".  They too, are gentle, sweet, calm, loyal, affectionate, obedient family members.  Star is the most relaxed mother ever and loves nursing her children while lying on her back.  She adores Puppy Picnics, often giving demonstrations of nursing to visiting families.

Scarlett is a goldendoodle with a lovely coat, who also likes Puppy Picnics and being rubbed with toys or blankies for visiting families to take home with her puppies.


Studley! Sir!

And the name says it all.  Studley is the exceptionally handsome white/light cream poodle peeking out from behind my head.  He adores walking on a leash with me, and romping with his harem members.  

Sir is a delightful 12 pound cafe au lait mini poodle who is now grandsire to the famous 35 pound rare silver phantom mini goldendoodle stud, Lord Phantom Bowtie, aka Bowdoodle, pictured in other family albums.  He adores Puppy Picnics but often is limited as he wants too much attention for himself!

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Tyler - A Make Way For Doodles Doodle

Portraits by Phyllis
Phyllis can be reached at phyllisch@aol.com

Who is Kathryn Lee?


I have been a loving, careful

and selective breeder of Goldens from my home for many years,

creating excellent lines of well-tempered Goldens - wonderful

temperaments that now shine forth in my Goldendoodles.


I loved breeding Golden Retrievers but was constantly worried about

the genetic problems sometimes associated with breeding pure bred

dogs. Then, I took a trip to California and met a Doodle! I fell in love

with the breed and when I learned of their hybrid vigor,  I knew that

these unique dogs were for me! I believe that Doodles are a wonderful

way to share the lovely warmth of Golden Retrievers with those who

may suffer from allergies or have shedding concerns.


Since my first litter of Goldendoodles was born  for me,  as it was also for my golden retriever puppies, each litter is a reminder of how precious and joyous life should be.

I remember each and every puppy that has been born in my home.