Make Way For Doodles!
Yes, I have Puppies ready now!
Goldendoodles are a wonderful blend of Golden
Retriever and Poodle. The result is a breed with
“hybrid vigor”, via the introduction of new gene pools from two diverse proven parent purebred lines, to lessen genetic lesion linkage prevalent in their formerly closed individual purebred lines.
The result, wonderful new lines of companion pets for all !
Goldendoodles also are a fantastic breed for people with
allergies because Poodles do not shed or  produce the
dander which causes allergic reactions in some people.
These traits are often passed on to the Goldendoodle
However, each puppy is unique and it would be a good
idea to spend some time with a couple of doodles to
determine if you have a reaction .
Ms. Kathryn Lee
Breeder/Mother of Exceptional
Standard, Mini and Backcross
Southern Rhode Island
by Kathryn Lee
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Finnegan born at Kathryn's 11/17/03
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